Introduction to Small-Batch Roasting

Introduction to Small-Batch Roasting
Every Friday, 9:30-11:30am. $280/person

CoRo’s Introduction to Small-Batch Roasting is a 2-person group class providing an introduction to small-batch coffee roasting on our new Mill City, 1kg roaster. This class is perfect for anyone, from home roasters looking to take that “next step” to experienced roasters looking for an introduction to the Mill City’s interesting variable drum and fan speeds.

Here students receive an overview of roasting machine operations, including the Mill City’s drum and fan speed controls, basic production logistics, safety procedures, and hands-on roasting of two batches of green on the Mill City, 1kg roaster. And on top of all the skills and knowledge, you leave the class with around 2.5lbs of delicious roasted coffee!

Floy Andrews