Advanced Small-Batch Roasting

Advanced Small-Batch Roasting
Flexible scheduling. Two, 2-hour sessions over two days. $560

Advanced Small-Batch Roasting at CoRo is a private class that builds off the skills covered in the Introduction to Small-Batch Roasting class, diving deeper into the world of profiling, roast curves, making more advanced use of Cropster to roast, and cupping the coffees roasted to achieve an ever-better cup of coffee. This class is for those looking to build robust roasting skills, supported by cupping skills, to enhance their overall coffee game.

Here students will roasting numerous batches on day one using our Mill City, 1kg roaster; cup the coffees roasted on day two, and roast again on day two after cupping. Students both log time on the roaster and practice cupping and coffee tasting, all with a Roast Expert leading the way. And as you’d expect, on top of all the skills and knowledge, you’ll leave the class with at least 8lbs of delicious roasted coffee!

The date and time of CoRo's Advanced Small-Batch Roasting class are flexible and are scheduled after initial registration. The date and time advertised here do not reflect the actual time of your class. The date and time of your class will be scheduled with a CoRo team member after registration.

Floy Andrews