Tim Hansen's Coffee Room Update

Building the CoRo Coffee Room

The idea behind the CoRo Coffee Room is simple: create a place where people can come and experience some of the most amazing coffees in the world.  The form the Coffee Room takes will work out organically, but we will certainly feature our members’ coffees, there will be cuppings, coffee flights, training and educational events—all in support of the coffee community.  And there will be food.

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After more than 13 months waiting, our building permits were issued on June 21st.  Since we are converting an old warehouse, there is a lot to do.  The first step is the underground plumbing with plumbing contractor Justin Fawsitt leading the work.  We started right away.

The next step is a new foundation.  A Cut Above Services, Inc, out of Walnut Creek started July 5th.  We are excited to have them here.

End of week three:  After a week of jack hammering and digging, they are beginning to put in the rebar, bolts and tie-downs.

We hope to pass out inspections for both the underground plumbing and foundation work Monday, July 17th.  We then pour the cement and are onto framing the walls inside.

Outside we need to redo the sidewalk to make our facility accessible.  We have ordered stainless steel counters from Galaxy Stainless and we are currently reviewing the shop drawings.  We are beginning to look at chairs and other items. Lots to do.  We will keep you posted.