CoRo Training sessions with Gabe Boscana

Gabriel Boscana just completed his first three-session training for new roasters this past week at Berkeley Co-Roasting. Gabe is also a member at BCR. 

The first session focused on green coffee buying and how basic coffee contracts work. The second session was all hands-on cupping and roasting. First we cupped numerous defective and tainted coffees to help us identify and explore how to pick out the good from the bad. Experiencing first-hand the taste of mold, age, ferment, and quakers, among other defects is essential. Every participant learned to use the Probat sample-roaster by roasting a sample of green coffee. We kept detailed notes of roast specifics, such as drop temperature, ultimate roast temperature, and roast duration.

The third day, was a real eye-opener. Each sample that was roasted the day before had its own unique character. Students roasted the same coffee on the same machine with very different outcomes and tasted the impact of the roast. After the cupping the participants experienced hands on production roasting on our Probat 5k and Loring 35K. 

The class was fantastic and everyone had the best time learning from our good friend Gabe.