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Advanced Roasting Class with Royal Coffee

This 2-day class offers an array of tools to equip roasters to dramatically improve their coffee skills. Using green coffee analytics as a foundation for understanding the raw material, you'll learn the basics of why density, screen size, and moisture play an important role in the way coffee develops in the roaster.  
Day 1: Apply numerous stylistic approaches during roasting to familiarize students with both popular and uncommon roasting approaches, followed by hands-on instruction to equip you to make informed choices while roasting coffee.
Day 2: Cup and evaluate the coffees roasted on day one, and discuss the effect each roast style had on the sensory quality of the final roast. We will also cover the basics of identifying successes and mistakes in roasting technique, such as baking, underdevelopment, and scorching.
Co-taught by Chris Kornman and Jen Apodaca. Cost $650.
Wednesday, November 29, 9am - 4pm (lunch provided)
Thursday, November 30, 9am - noon